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About The Murshidabad

Histrorical Murshidabad At a Glance

The town of berhampore, the district administration headquarter of Murshidabad as long being known as important commercial centre for agriculture trade and silk weaving centre. The social & culture activites of the town are quite in active state holding runcrous events of sports, Games, mucical and cultural function.

Tourism is yet ariother protentiality in existance because of Murshidabad city , Whick was formal capital of Bengal with lot of historical attraction and tourist spots. Murshidabad is also well known for its silk and bronze, even attracts foreign visitors. Not far away is the farakka barage and Farakka thernal power station.

Murshidabad city - just 11km away from Berhampor lying east of bhagirathi river was reputedly founded by mugal Emperor Akbar. In 1704 the nawab Murshid quli Khan transffered the capital there from dacca (now Dhaka) and renamed the city MMurshidabad.